Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup Italy-Australia: Aftermath


JOOB appears to have enjoyed last night's outing to Rosie O'Grady's - watched the end of the first half and seemed as excited as everyone else, then got hungry, and thankfully slept through the disappointing conclusion.

What's left to say? The Socceroos made the Azzuris work damned hard, but in the end, couldn't capitalise on their numbers advantage, and just could not get that ball into the net. And then there was the refereeing... It happens.

The important thing is that we got there, we took the rest of the Australia on this amazing ride, and next World Cup we'll do it all again and more. Go Socceroos!

Meanwhile, JOOB is sleeping off his big night out (good baby!) unlike his parents (more coffee!). Hope we'll all be in shape for this afternoon's class on baby resuscitation.


MissE said...

okay, now that has to be one of the most adorably cute photos (and thus babies) I have seen!

What a gorgeous bub!

skribe said...

He certainly catches the eye of the ladies.