Sunday, June 11, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 - Day 3


    Serbia & Montenegro to go down to the Netherlands 1-2.
    Mexico to drawn with Iran 2-2.
    Angola to go down to Portugal 0-3.
    Serbia & Montenegro: 0 - Netherlands: 1
    Mexico: 3 - Iran: 1
    Angola: 0 - Portugal: 1
A powerhouse display by the Dutch with a great goal by Robben, who should have had a couple more. Iran began well but wasted chances and in the end silly mistakes cost them as they were ground down by Mexico. Disappointing Portugal couldn't repeat the scorelines from their previous encounters with the Angolans (6:0 & 5:1) but a solid performance probably aimed at reserving their energies for the next round and beyond.

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