Tuesday, June 13, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006 - Day 5


    South Korea to defeat Togo 1-0
    France to thrash Switzerland 4-0
    Brazil to defeat Croata 2-1


Robert Swipe said...

You overestimated the French One Dog - their drought continues. The last goal they scored in a World Cup match?

Manu Petit's coup de grace in the 98 final!

They should come good at some point though - too much quality in that team, even if they are over the hill....

skribe said...

Yes, I admit to being a goose with that prediction. I quite forgot that during the prelims France only managed to draw twice with the Swiss.

While I agree with your estimation of their prowess I'm not entirely convinced they'll get a chance to 'come good'. Can they beat Korea? Not to mention that they're just as likely to stumble against Togo as to thrash them.

We shall see.