Saturday, June 10, 2006

GoogleFight World Cup - Group G Results

Before the tournament this was considered one of the easiest groups to predict who would finish top with the 1998 champions up against the 2002 semi-finalist; Switzerland and Togo, in their first cup final.

France dominated their first game absolutely wasting Switzerland. South Korea soundly defeated Togo in their first game of the tournament but were stopped in their tracks when they came up against France in their second game. Switzerland humbled Togo in the next game and it only got worse for the Africans as they were destroyed by France, who won all three games and - as predicted - finished top of the group. It came down to the last game in the group to decide who would join them with Switzerland narrowly defeating South Korea to go through.

So it's the two Europeans moving into the next round and the Asian and Africans heading home. It looks like the South Korean miracle of 2002 was just a fluke.


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