Tuesday, June 06, 2006

GoogleFight World Cup - Group F Results

This group featured the world champion up against the Asian and Oceanian champions as well as Croatia.

Everyone was expecting Brazil to make it through easily with one of the other three joining them in the round of sixteen. However, in a surprise Brazil was eliminated winning only one of its games - against Croatia. It was Japan that proved the group powerhouse beating all three of its opponents albeit only just defeating Australia in the dying moments. Australia too progressed to the second round with big victories over both Brazil and Croatia. Croatia proved to be a major diappointment and it is hard at this point seeing them making it through to the 2010 World Cup.



teddlesruss said...

Got my money on a 2-1 win for Aussie vs Japan, well, okay I haven't actually bet on anything but that's my hope. And I HATE sport usually but this is just too god for us, specially with such an effective goalie. (Schwartz or something? Hmmm that sounds a bit Euro...)

skribe said...

I don't think the Japanese will score. Their strikers are injured or out-of-form (they only beat Malta 1-0). At least 2-0 to Oz for me. I think we'll take Brazil 1-0 although I'll hedge and say 1-1 is also a possible. Croatia is my fear. A scoreless draw would be acceptable and would put us through.

It's Mark Schwarzer btw. The other two goalies are Zeljko Kalac and Ante Covic. All a bit European, like most of the team actually =).