Saturday, June 03, 2006

Colour Me... Apricot?

Remember when your colouring set included "Flesh" as a colour? Heh, that was a great way to introduce race politics into kindy.

But these are enlightened times. Behold! Crayola has introduced the ethnicity-sensitive Multicultural Crayons and Multicultural Pencils.

The ethnic-sensitive colours, incidentally, are: Black, Sepia, Peach, Apricot, White, Tan, Mahogany, and Burnt Sienna for the crayons and Black, Red, Mahogany, Peach, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Tan for the pencils. (The ethnic-sensitive crayons have a different range from the ethnic-sensitive pencils?)

There are also Multicultural Washable Markers and, you guessed it, they have yet again a different range of ethnic-sensitive colours: Tan, Beige, Tawny, Gold, Bronze, Terra Cotta, Mahogany, and Sienna.

Hmm... Skribe might be Tan, JOOB ranges from Peach to Red depending on his temperament, and I think I'm Apricot, possibly Gold.

Whee! Race has never been this much fun! Such subtle shades of ethnicity to consider. Now, which colour are you?

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skribe said...

Interestingly, despite the 'multicultural' range of colours, as with the flesh colour, they have yet to produce a crayon that is coloured like any human on this planet.