Thursday, June 15, 2006

Toilet Tales


The popular theory is that the reason that many public toilets have violet lighting is to prevent junkies from finding their veins, thereby preventing them from shooting up, thereby preventing them from carking it due to an overdose. Let me put forward an alternate theory.

This is the Men's toilet at KFC South Perth. Look at the sink. Notice anything missing? No fucking taps! Some numbnut believes that the 0.01% of users that leave the water running are more important than the other 99.9% of us that don't. So they've installed an automatic washer system. Put your hands under the faucet and a sensor triggers great gushes of water to clean and refresh. Great, except for two minor points:
  1. The water is FUCKING FREEZING COLD!!! Somebody skimped and didn't choose the lukewarm water option.
  2. So is the fucking blow dryer! The water is probably only at freezing point but the wind chill factor using the dryer drops that by another 20C. BTW there are no paper towels, just icy cold gales.
So this is my theory. The lights are violet so you don't see that your now numb and useless hands are now blue and lifeless.

Way to go KFC.

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