Thursday, June 01, 2006

And again

For the second night running we've had dinner by candlelight. It's not that we're incurable romantics eager to get JOOB a sibling it's because we've had a total blackout again. Tuesday's blackout started from around noon and ended some thirteen hours later at 1am. While Wednesday's was shorter it still ran from around 5pm until 11pm. In both cases it couldn't have come at a worse time or during a worse season to have an 8 week old and be without a heater.


CW said...

What's going on in your neighbourhood? Have Synergy forgotten to feed the hamster or something??

skribe said...

Yesterday I saw a semi-trailer laden with a massive transformer unit. According to Richard (from the Meetup) there was a stack of them down on the foreshore. I think they're just establishing Dr Evil's new base under the Swan =).