Monday, June 19, 2006

In Other News...

I found it interesting that all the news (and everyone else) was talking about today was Australia's loss to Brazil. What is so amazing about this is that Leyton Hewitt won Queens, the forerunner tournament to Wimbleton, and Geoff Ogilvy broke a 25 year drought to win the US Open (Golf). Normally either of these would have been crowed about for the next few days, but everyone only seems to have eyes for the world cup. Too bloody right! I wonder if the other football codes are in a cold sweat.

Television Ratings Trivia:

    Rugby - 1st game Wallabies v England. Seen at prime time and drew just over 1 million viewers.

    Football - Australia v Japan. Late night and drew 2.7 million.
That's an awful lot of wogs and poofters.

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