Sunday, June 04, 2006

Of course you realise this means war

On the 31st May, 2006 The Pirate Bay controversally had their servers seized by the police. The Pirate Bay claims to be the world's largest bittorrent tracker. Up until the raid it was based in Sweden, where hosting torrents is considered legal by many experts in Swedish law. Last night the Swedish government's website was attacked by a distributed denial of service attack and is currently unreachable. The Swedish Police's site has also been taken down. Coincidence?

Of course the Pirate Bay - now named the Police Bay - returned within 3 days now operating from the Netherlands. The only losers in this seem to be the Swedish Government and the police, who are always claiming to be too under-resourced to fight 'real' crimes and yet were able to coordinate a team of 50 police to raid TPB. It has been major news in Sweden every day since and there are questions being asked of the Minister for Justice, who directly ordered the raid (apparently illegal in Sweden), about undue foreign interference in the Swedish legal and political system. The other losers are the small businesses that also had their servers seized because they were in the same room as TPB's servers. A massive FUBAR.

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