Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm going to say something blasphemous: we didn't deserve to win. This is the world cup. Nobody deserves anything. We had our chances. We didn't take them. Italy didn't take theirs either. They got lucky. Favoured by a poor referee decision. They won. We lost. That's football. End of story.

Am I proud of the lads? Fuck oath I am. They're our best ever. They've outplayed every team they've come against. With the exception of one key area: the score. We need more capable strikers. Our strikers are good, they're just not great and that's what we need at WC level. At least three as good as Kewell at the height of his game. The inability to find position and score during the run of play has been an Australian football flaw for a very long time. It's something we need to work now. It may take another 20 years to find the ones we need. But the journey to South Africa 2010 and beyond starts today.

Look ever forward.

PS: At least one good thing to come of this is that we’ll no longer hear the Italians whining about the ref losing them the South Korea game at WC2002.


Simone said...

Yeah, I don't mind that we lost, it more the way it happened. They played so well, and didn't deserve to win as such, it was just such a crappy way to lose, such a shock, in the last 10 seconds! Though Pascal said if there hadn't been a foul, Italy might have got that goal. That would've felt better than this!
Ha, listen to me, getting all into this, ha ha!
Anyway, it was a great game, a lot of fun, and yeah, bring on years to come!

We ended up at the Shed. (The Deen had a line out the front). Managed to get a seat even! And the atmosphere was good (but we did decide to quickly leave when it was all over!)
Anyway, nice meeting you and TP and JOOB for 5 minutes! I soooo want a baby like that when we have one, sleeping through nearly everything! Perfect!

El Bambi said...

I totally agree with you. Australia has won a good experience with this, but the mistake from the ref is still not justified. Italians provoked that mistake, so they are responsible too.

Let's support Argentina!!!

skribe said...

Presuming they don't crash and burn against France tonight my money is on Spain.

skribe said...

Er, did I say Spain? I meant England...er Portugal. France? =)