Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ten Weeks After: Training the Baby

Readers, forgive me, it's been four days since my last post.

I have been attempting to wean JOOB out of night snacking in the hopes that he will learn to sleep through most of the night (and so, consequently, will I).

This means that instead of struggling out of bed to feed JOOB at the first grizzle, I let him grumble a while, and if he doesn't let up, then I struggle out of bed and attempt to soothe him back to sleep anyway I can. And if sleep seems unlikely, then I feed him. Then put him back to bed. On no account do I change him (unless it's an emergency), because nappy-changing will wake him, and we do not want that.

Sounds fairly straightforward.

However, in practice, it means I still struggle out of bed at every grizzle, only now I'm patting and soothing and singing and shushing... and then I'm struggling out of bed to repeat dance steps above and then feed the little bugger. So, not a lot of sleep for one of us.

Unfortunately, I also began the new training regime the same nght the cat decided to have spiteful diarrhoea. Yippee.

The good news is, JOOB appears to be sleeping a little longer before he demands his first night feed. So I'm sticking with the new regime, even if it kills me :) And yes, the cat's been fine ever since.


skribe said...

Of course you forgot to mention that JOOB now rises at 4.30am instead of 7-8am and complains loudly that he is awake. He is only calmed by watching the football with his daddy. I hope your training reaches a satisfactory conclusion by July 10th.

ToxicPurity said...

Then again, maybe he's getting up at 4am specifically to watch the football with his Daddy. Ever think of that?

skribe said...

I'm too tired to think.