Friday, June 02, 2006


A few days ago I saw a great scam done badly.

A guy walks up to a public phone and pretends to put in some money. He dials, says, 'Hello. Hello!', and then hangs up, complaining about the connection. He checks the coin return, which is of course empty. He checks his pockets, but can't find any more loose change so he asks the people who are standing at the nearby bus stop - and who have seen the entire incident - for change so he can make an urgent phone call.

Had the chap that attempted this delicious scam been dressed in something akin to a suit then chances are he would have found the onlookers overwhelming in their generosity. Unfortunately, he was dressed like a bum and he received nothing.

Despite the subsequent verbal tirade and the assault upon the telephone, which wasn't even scratched as a result, I still think he deserves points for his ingenuity. Points but no coins from me. If you're going to scam you should at least dress the part.

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