Monday, October 31, 2005

Why The Pet Stroller?

And I thought the idea of walking your cat (or dog) was to exercise him, you know, get him to climb a few trees and run around in circles and just generally wear him out so he sleeps all night and doesn't wake you up at 3AM because he's bored and wants someone to play with.

Apparently not.

This pet stroller comes in navy, pink, and double-decker. That cat sure looks happy.

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Pet Lover said...

I saw your rather sarcastic post about pet strollers, and thought I'd add a different perspective. Full disclosure: my wife and I run a site that specializes in pet strollers.

Yes, dogs need exercise. But our customers have shared a large variety of uses for pet strollers. They include:

- Older dogs (the dog used to get so tired walking to the park he didn't have energy to play, but using the stroller to make the journey he can play with the other dogs)

- Trips to the vet (beats lugging a heavy carrier).

- People who live in very busy cities (more protection for the pet, less hassle for the human)

- Northern climates(pets paws are sensitive to the salt and ice)

- Teacup dogs (ever try to walk one of those? They poop out before they get to the end of the driveway!)

Not trying to defend the product for everyone or every pet but if you consider it a carrier on wheels, it's really not that odd. If you're interested in seeing more, feel free to visit us at