Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dressing For Two

My mother's maternity care package arrived today. The contents description read: 7 pieces of used maternity wear and 5 packs of disposable panties. Thanks, Mum.

Apparently, there's a Chinese custom to share maternity clothes around, something along the lines of sharing the luck. Nice custom. Fortunately, I'm still a couple of months away from needing any maternity clothes (and will hopefully never be in need of those disposable panties).

Unfortunately I've promised my mother I'll wear these particular maternity clothes.

Okay, the maternity jeans are great. They're useful, they look nice, and I'll even be able to wear them to work. The tops are a little, ahem, mumsy. But they're cotton, they're comfortable... definitely home wear. ("So I have to look at them?" skribe mutters. Yeah, you do.)

And then there's the dress. What can I say? If I were a modest Muslim woman with a thing for neck-to-ankle rayon, it'd be beautiful. This one is going to be a challenge. For one thing, my CFMs and stomping boots aren't going to match it.

Looks like I'll still be scouring the op shops for a while yet.

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