Friday, October 21, 2005

Bye Bye Weekend

Tonight, the Mad Hungarian is off to Northbridge to film the opening of Chopper Read's art exhibition, Peaces of Chopper. It has to be delivered Monday, which means I'll be working all weekend, with not much room for creative fix-its if the Mad Hungarian forgets to hit the Record button again, or the audio is fucked, or the entire tape is fucked, or the editing machines are fucked... etc


On the upside, if all goes well (fingers crossed) the results could be entertaining. After all, only on a community TV arts program - that your community broadcaster refuses to air - will we see a solicitor interviewing a gangster about an art exhibition.

UPDATE: Saturday A-freaking-M. Or I can get in bright and early and find the Mad Hungarian isn't coming in until NOON to drop off last night's tape because he didn't wrap until 1am, but the good news is: there's only about 5 minutes of no audio where the presenter forgot to switch the mike on; we have lovely crisp audio on all the bits where opinions are expressed as to why the Prime Minister is a faggot; I have all the rest of the morning to encode the previous project to DVD; and wander off into the city in search of grub. Ciao.


The Daily Magnet said...

Chopper's innate artistic abilities should have been apparent long before this, the striking similarities to van Gogh have been clearly visible for years.

ToxicPurity said...

You will NOT believe how many Van Gogh jokes were made at that exhibition opening. No, believe me, you won't. I've spent the last two days listening to them over and over and over...