Monday, October 24, 2005

Wet and Wild

Swimming is normally a relaxing, sedate experience, but over the last two weeks - with summer fast approaching - the pool has become more and more crowded. To make matters worse the newcomers can't read, can't tell left form right, and for the most part can't swim without splashing everyone else around them.

For instance, today there were fast swimmers in the slow swimming lane, slow swimmers mingling in with the walkers in the walking lane, and walkers in the fast swimming lane. To make matters worse, there was also one swimmer in the fast lane whose freestyle technique consisted of slapping the water so that it splashed over everyone else, including those two lanes away. Not only did this mean that he was not swimming fast but was also annoying the shit out over everyone else. In the end he was told to leave by the staff.

And today is nothing compared to last Monday, which featured 20-25 people in the walking lane, and an unsupervised eight year old attempting, and failing, to do freestyle *across* the lanes. He was 'run-over' twice by swimmers that didn't see him.

Maybe if the weather fines up I'll head to the beach next time.

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