Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Hello Kitty Jet & Other Signs That The World Is Going To End

Don't ask. I may be Asiatic but I can't explain Hello Kitty.
You can get a Hello Kitty anything these days. Here, give someone you like a Hello Kitty Flower Arrangement. Or for someone really special, the Hello Kitty Diamond Watch.
How about the Hello Kitty XBox Console, or the Hello Kitty DVD TV
Start your mornings with Hello Kitty Toast.
Or, better still, for the safety conscious, here's the Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher.
Yuck. Enough kitsch. Back to Chopper.


teddlesruss said...

hello kitty is a cultural icon - you don't understand them, you accept them. I've got a plastic hello kitty figurine that a programmer gave me and which I have to admit has grown on me. And my myYahoo pages all have Sanrio wallpaper.

But to understand how someone turned a squiggly vaguely Staypuft man meets the kitten sort of outline into such a success, that is something I'll just never get...

skribe said...

Three words: Hello Kitty Vibrator.

ToxicPurity said...

There's a theory that because Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth, you can therefore read any expression in her face.

There's also the theory that Sanrio will license her likeness to anyone who throws enough money at them, which is why Hello Kitty is so damned ubiquitous. And remember, sskribe, it was supposed to be the Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager :)