Monday, May 01, 2006

Three Weeks Later

Whoever coined the phrase "to sleep like a baby" obviously never had one.

As Skribe often observes (somewhere between amazement and amusement), Baby sleeps like one possessed: grunting, snorting, squealing, yelping, eyes rolling back and head lolling round.

And then Baby falls deathly silent and lies so still you want to prod him to check he's still alive.

So the days and nights have been punctuated by these alarming moments which we have come to realise are the norm. Fun little creature. Can't wait to find out what new terrors await us as he develops and starts really coming online.

To Keet and everyone else who sent encouragement, many thanks. My last post was meant to be funnier but all those fitful nights have evidently impaired my ability to convey humour.

As proof that I still retain my usual light-hearted approach to life, here are my favourite games to play with Baby:

  • Tip the Baby - when baby falls asleep at the breast, lean precipitously forwards, left, or right, until Baby startles awake. Laugh evilly.

  • Puns Illustrated - when Baby falls asleep at the breast, use him as prop in a game of Guess What This Is? Laugh evilly.

  • How Dead Is Baby? - when Baby falls asleep at he breast, nudge, tickle, poke, blow on him, raise a floppy arm and drop it...etc and award points based on how far you have to go rouse him, and especially for having to invent a new move to wake him. Laugh evilly (if you still have the energy).

  • The Early Morning Commercials Game - when Baby won't fall asleep during the small hours and you are forced to endure early morning television commercials... okay, not so much a game as several pointless counting games, akin to the sort you make up when trapped on a long road trip.

And so on...

Fortunately, I have the ever-wonderful Skribe as a fellow traveller, without whom this journey would not be half as enjoyable. Thanks, sweetie.

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