Monday, May 15, 2006

JOOB Volunteers For Medical Experiments

Okay, he didn't so much volunteer as get volunteered.

It was for a study on the lung capacity of pre-term infants, for which some healthy full-termers like JOOB were required. Two tests were performed, one in which he breathed in an inert gas that allowed the researchers to measure his respiration, and a sonar test on his lungs. For both, JOOB is asleep.

All very safe, all very excitig in the field of infant medicine and medical technology, and all very public-spirited and forward-looking of us.

What I hadn't expected was the bonus of being able to bugger off with Skribe for a couple of hours and just have some to ourselves. Yay! Hooray for medical experiments! We strolled along Rokeby Road and my sweetie bought me chocolates. Anyone else need a healthy baby for research purposes?

On the other hand, we've also discovered that JOOB has a sadistic sense of humour: he'll sleep peacefully for anyone, except us. For us, he reserves colicky fits, a refusal to sleep in any position except on his tummy, and an unpredictable sleep cycle. For his grandparents, and complete strangers, he'll drop off to noddyland as soon as they lay him flat. And he'll sleep for exactly as long as they need him to. What an amusing little darling. He's undoubtedly our little boy, alright :)

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