Saturday, May 27, 2006

Signs and Parenting Rooms

One of the things you begin to notice soon after becoming a parent is signs. Signs telling you where the nearest parenting room is, or, if you're laden with a stroller, where the nearest lift is. While most of Perth is accessible with a stroller there are quite a few stores that won't be seeing our business for the next few years.

Another thing you notice is the quality of parenting rooms. We're not exactly connoisseurs yet, but we've noticed a great disparity in the effort certain retailers take when establishing a parenting room. For instance, Myer Perth. Located on the first floor near the lifts. Lots of changing stations, lots of seats, and a few cubicles/rooms that are used mainly for breastfeeding by shy mothers (most the others just use the seats in the main area). All good (the only downside is that there is only one communal toilet and that has been out of use for the last week).

Compare that to David Jones Perth. Second floor. Not near the tiny - almost can't fit a stroller and parent into it - lift. Note the singular. Lots of comfy seats in a communal area, a playpen for older children, but only 4 changing stations and they're locked away in dinky little rooms that are used for breastfeeding. Each of the rooms has a door that automatically closes and only one seat, so if the family (or even just your partner) is with you they're locked out. Dumb, just dumb. To make matters worse the tiny rooms stink of baby poo. There's no ventilation fan.

Of course, the best place we've found is Carousel. Ground floor. Central. Maybe more than one - haven't found them all, which is good. Lots of changing stations, a separate area with lots of curtained cubicles for shy mothers, a playpen for older children, but the coups de grâce is the television. The only down side is there are only two seats facing it.

If you know of any better or worse places please leave a comment.

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