Sunday, May 21, 2006



I have been assured by TP that this is a bouganvillea. I'm not a flower person. The only reason I can see for growing plants in the backyard is if they're good to eat. Anyone know any recipes for bouganvillea?


Even TP has no idea what this plant is. Anyone have any ideas? It seems to be extremely popular with the bees and paper wasps however. I almost got stung taking this photo. It would have been worth it if the bee had stayed there just a moment longer.


Deanne said...

The second flower might be a hibiscus. There are pics at Can't say I've eaten one. :-)

skribe said...

It might be. The flower in my photo is tiny though. About the size of a 5 cent piece.

Deanne said...

Yikes, I should have asked about size. That would be a very small hibiscus and would make for very quiet Hawaiian shirts. :-)