Saturday, May 20, 2006


While out wandering along the South Perth foreshore today we saw this gaggle of...well, we're not entirely sure what they are. The avid birdwatcher, TP, believes they might be black cormorants but she's far from certain. They were gaggling on the condemned jetty at Fisheries WA. I guess they, like most of the fishermen I see there at dusk, can't read the 'condemned' sign.


Deanne said...

I wonder if they'll stick around? I guess if the jetty collapses, they'll have more chance of flying away than the fisherman. Great to see you all at blogger meet up!


Rodney Olsen said...

Obviously prices at the convention centre across the river were too high, so they decided to have their conference outside.

skribe said...

Dee: the jetty has been condemned for years (5-10 at least) and every night you'll see fishermen on it despite the fact that they've removed the 'bridge' that connects it to the land. The anglers either arrive via boat or bring their own bridge (aka a plank of wood). I suspect the birds are there to collect all the blowies the anglers leave behind. And yes, it was great to meet up with you too. JOOBie sends his greetings as well =).

Rod: LOL. Yeah, have you ever tried to run a convention at Burswood? Pricey!

Deanne said...

Ooh, hello Joob (and family!).

I bet the jetty's a nice place to sit if you don't want to be bothered by people.

Rodney, I don't think it's the expense of the convention centre that's influenced the birds' choice of venue, I think they're just a bit choosy when it comes to the aesthetics of a place. :-)