Monday, May 22, 2006

Seen in the City

While heading home from the city tonight I noticed an Audi A4 with the following number plate:

Now I have to say that I found this odd. Not that there was someone driving an $80k car who is a fan of the RSPCA - admittedly that is weird enough - but that the RSPCA has such a fan base that there are at least seven other licence plates out there (speculation on my part).

Or perhaps the RSPCA is so well off that that was a 'company car'. Or maybe the RSPCA just pays its employees gobs of money. Maybe someone has got a side business selling off the parts of the animals they put down. Or perhaps, just perhaps, this is where all the Lotto money goes - you must have seen the ads with the rescued pony. I'm pretty sure there is an Audi in the background hidden somewhere. But anyway, it is a weird number plate to have. Or perhaps I'm just very, very, very tired.


carneagles said...

The RSPCA sell licence plates as a fundraiser - they're the ones with PAW as the prefix. It wasn't one of those by any chance?

skribe said...

No. Just straight RSPCA7. It looked like a standard dark-blue on white custom plate.