Thursday, May 25, 2006

Borders Open

We spent the morning visiting the new Borders store in Perth. It's in the old Lincraft building, if you can remember that - they shut down awfully quick after the major refurbishment. IIRC it is somewhat ironic that Angus & Robertson used to have a store in the same building (maybe even the same spot) when it first opened. The store is small for a Borders store but large for a Perth bookstore. It divided into two floors.

This is the entrance from Hay Street. Unfortunately, as you can see the cafe is a Gloria Jeans.
The top floor (Hay Street level) is where you'll find fiction and magazines. The fiction selection is good, probably the best I've seen in Perth for many a year. Likewise there is a decent selection of magazines including some up until now had to be ordered online. For the geeks, there is a stack of graphic novels to choose from - as you can see from the pic they have their own section. For SF/F buffs, it's so-so. You probably own most of their stock already.
On the lower floor you'll find a small range of DVDs and music CDs. I don't think this range will do well for them. JBs has a better selection and cheaper prices.
Also on the lower floor is more of the non-fiction. There's quite a lot to choose from, but for my money Boffins is a better choice. At least for my interests. Borders do have the largest selection of kids books I've seen including a bloody great load of picture books. Lucky JOOB.

Overall it's a valuable addition to the Perth bookscape. Unfortunately, and I presume that this is because the store is brand new, the organisation of the titles is a little confusing. It took me a while to find what I was looking for.

Go see.

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Nice! I will now post a link to this entry! (for the people who don't read comments..?)

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p.s. hope I understood the news right about the screen in Leederville. Might've been better to put 'it is rumoured...'!!
Would be a bit wierd closing down the streets for matches in the middle of the night...!