Saturday, May 13, 2006

Five Weeks After

What happened to Four Weeks After? The parents came for a week to meet their grandson and congratulate him on reaching his first month, that's what happened. JOOB received some astounding presents from his second cousins and great uncles and aunts, and, we suspect, now has a bigger wardrobe of clothes and accessories than we do.

JOOB's a month old already. It still feels like he was born only yesterday and forever ago, and we find ourselves wondering if and when that perception will ever fade away. Maybe when we both finally get a full night's sleep? A-heh.

JOOB has also become a little colicky. Just when we'd finally graduated him from sleeping in the laundry basket to sleeping in his own cot, he develops these inconsolable screaming fits which result in me spending the nights in the lounge with him so Skribe can get some semblance of sleep and be able to function normally during the day.

Mother revealed that in her day, they used a popular brand of Gripe Water to help colicky infants sleep. But what they didn't realise til some years later was that that Gripe Water contained opium. No wonder I was such a quiet baby compared to JOOB - I was doped to the eyeballs :)

We're using Infacol, which contains no secret magical sedative substance. Pity, that. I think that a lot when JOOB's being especially deafening.

Mother also taught me a trick to help quiet JOOB when he starts crying - stick his hand in his mouth. He starts sucking on his hand and immediately quietens. Long enough to find a parenting room at least.

Well, the grandparents have left, Skribe has finally gotten JOOB to sleep, and tomorrow is my first Mother's Day. It's been a busy week, punctuated with odd and amusing revelations. Things can only get stranger from here on in.

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