Friday, May 19, 2006

The Amazing Race in Freo

So The Amazing Race: Western Australian Special aired last night, about six months after they filmed here.

I could have slept - bedtime is 8:30pm these days - but sheer bloody-minded curiosity drove me to stay up and watch it. And boy, was it worth seeing how dead Freo looks in the middle of the day.

Amazing Race Amazing Travel tip: If, while on Rotto, you miss the ferry back, simply catch the ferry to Hillary's instead and then cab it to Freo. You'll arrive half an hour before the Freo ferry docks.

The lesson? If you're a USian tourist, do NOT ask directions from an Australian :)

Incidentally, the team that cared least about winning has won Amazing Race 9, which just goes to show that being an out-and-out arsehole does not always get you to the finish line first.

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