Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Two years

Two years on and so much has changed since we started here. JOOB for starters. He has brought about a monumental change in our lives. For the better, mind you.

Two years on and we've written a lot more, made stacks of new friends, as well as the occasional enemy. We're still making short films and television shows, we still haven't won the lottery jackpot and the fellow inhabitants of this small, blue planet still continue to scare us with their nastiness.

Looking back at the past year of blog posts the thing that sticks out the most is that OneDog has become a photoblog. I would have squirmed at the idea two years ago, but then again we didn't have a bouncing baby boy to photograph back then.

Looking back at the equivalent post from last year I read this:

Six months on and perusing through the list of NY resolutions I'm very happy to report that I've only managed to achieve one of the things on the list. I'll let you work out why I'm so happy.
As I said, so much has changed.


azza-bazoo said...

So by process of elimination, you're implicitly trying to say ... you've achieved world domination?!

(and without telling us? egad.)

Congrats for your many milestones from one of this year's new, um, enemies :-P

skribe said...

It was actually item 8.

This year an enemy. Next year...

...swimming with the fishes? =)