Thursday, July 20, 2006

Meetup Pics

We went to the Perth Blog Meetup again last night. Fun with great people as usual. Here are some pics:


Rich explains the concept of Barcamp.


CW and Sirexkat listen attentively.


Simone attempts to ger her Nikon to shoot in low-light.


Simone said...

Argh... Well, it could have been a worse photo...!

Was great to meet you three properly, I had a great time. Next month our visitors leave on the wednesday, but I still hope to go again, there's just so much to talk about!
I hope JOOB didn't wake up to early?!

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Great to meet you guys. I went home and read JOOB's birth story. My babies were also whisked away to the Special Care Nursery as soon as they were born. It really, really hurt me and took quite a while to come to terms with, so I hope that you have also healed well.

When I said I was going to take my kids to Hidden Dragons today, you said you couldn't wait to do that kind of stuff with JOOB. It finishes Saturday, but it is some of the best theatre (adult or kids) I've seen in my life. About fitting in your family's heritage with living in Australia, using a Chinese boy as the "everyman". If you get a chance, see it. Details at BOCS.

skribe said...

Well, it could have been a worse photo...!

You bet. At least you have clothes on this time (grin, duck, run very very fast =)

sirexkat: I think TP was so out of it she didn't even notice that he wasn't there until I returned with him.

Simone said...

What am I supposed to say to that, lol!

Anyway...what I forgot to say... I still haven't got round to looking at my camera booklet, and haven't even uploaded my photo's yet(though they were definetly all blurry anyway!)

Mmm, I think it may be time to go to bed now.... Another evening with no posts written..(ok, one about changes on my site). I'm starting to ramble.... seeya!