Monday, July 10, 2006

The Final Comments

Firstly lets talk abiut Zizou's brain explosion. Totally inexcusable action. No sledge is worth a red card. Especially in the WC final. If you're not mature enough to put up with any sledge the opposition can deal out then you don't deserve to be there.

There's a lot of speculation about what triggered it. The Francophiles are claiming racist/dogmatist comments by Materazzi. Look at Materazzi's body language in the video above. If you make a really good sledge you know it. Particularly something racist or dogmatic. You expect some sort of retort. Materazzi isn't expecting any retaliation. He's concentrating on the play. I'm guessing whatever triggered Zidane's brain to explode was deeply personal. Whatever it was it was a tragic and foolish way to end such a sublime international career.

Secondly, the refs almost decided the winner yet again. The penalty against Materazzi was ridiculous. Just as the penalty against Neill was on June 26th. Some Socceroos fans chortled with glee at the Italians receiving some of the own medicine, but to me it's just plain incompetence by the refs. Too much hangs on their skills for them to be so inept. If they're not up to the job then it is definitely time to introduce additional support (additional refs, video, etc). I thought so after Italy bowed out in 2002, and the failures in this tournament just shored up that opinion.

Lastly, adding to my earlier post about Italian Destiny, it must be particularly relishing to fans of the Azzurri that it was Trezeguet that missed the penalty. It was Trezeguet that kicked the golden goal that won France Euro 2000 - the last time the two teams met. This is after the Italians had led for much of the match, only to see France equalise in injury time and win in extra time.

It is a good day to be an Italian and especially an Italian World Cup winning football player. Tomorrow, however, may be another story. Tomorrow the commission looking into the Serie A bribery scandal hands down its decision. And most of the Italian team are neck deep in it.

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