Saturday, July 08, 2006

Close Encounters of the Anecdotal Kind

It's funny the things that suddenly pop up in your memory.

This afternoon, skribe and I chanced upon Kim Beazley at our local shops.

Skribe said Hello. Kim smiled and said Hello. We went our merry ways and I joked about how close JOOB came to being kissed by his first politician.

Not just any politician, skribe observed. Possibly future Prime Minister.

And a memory bubbled up out of the depths of my past life: some years back my parents told me about how when I was about a year old, an associate of my Dad's used to bounce me on his knee. Then my parents pointed to the news on TV and there he was - the newly appointed President of Singapore.

Big whoop, thought I the unimpressionable teen. Everyone probably gets bounced on the knee as a baby by someone who then goes on to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame, that's just the odds.

And yet, it's also those sorts of close encounters with fame and history that makes for fun family lore.


CW said...

I can't stand seeing politicians kiss babies. It seems so insincere to me.

skribe said...

At least with Kim you'd know he wouldn't use any tongue =).