Saturday, July 15, 2006

14 Weeks After: Hello World

He said "Hello" again today.

It was so clear, so distinct, we both stopped and confirmed with each other that we'd heard the same thing. Does he understand what he says, does he recognise that certain syllable combinations generate more favourable responses from us than others? Can he even make such connections yet?

Should we be teaching him to say "Hello World" instead? He is a hacker's son after all.

Maybe other new parents experience this all the time, I don't know. It's not like we have a frame of reference here.

All I know is that he has been trying to stand and wanting to crawl since he was two weeks old. These days he can caterpillar-crawl, and grasp things, even reach for toys as he's lying on his tummy. He's working on sitting upright unaided, and maintaining his balance while standing with our help.

And he babbles, and sings, and laughs, and complains. He's a very vocal lad.

It drives me crazy sometimes. All this development on his part has its price; his appetite seems insatiable, his feeding demands seem to occupy every other hour I'm not tending him. I haven't been this tired since he was born. In a couple more weeks, we're looking seriously at introducing him to solids, even though experts currently recommend waiting until the sixth month.

But JOOB, as with just about everything else, is hurtling along ahead of schedule, so why not? He's been eyeing our meals for a while now. Perhaps we should be introducing words like "pizza" into his vocabulary now. At least it'll make more sense than "Al Gore" and "igloo".


CW said...

Geez at this rate Joob will have completed uni by the time I see him next! :)

ToxicPurity said...

If this means he'll be moving out of home by next week, I'm all for it! :)