Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Official


FIFA Rankings are STILL shit!

Not only is Australia ranked below WC2006 first round exit nations like USA (16th), Paraguay (19th), Croatia (23rd) but also a swag of non-qualifiers like Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Guinea, Colombia, Denmark, Uruguay, Cameroon and Nigeria. Oh, and according to the FIFA Rankings Italy is only the second best team in the world. Brazil is still number one, despite not progressing beyond the quarter finals.


Adam 1.0 said...

Well it's not like we'd actually done anything before the WC. And even then we only won one game. Agreed they're a farce but it's not surprising given the ludicrously small amount of competitive games we played against decent nations. The move into Asia should balance this out.

skribe said...

Tell that to Japan, who dropped 30 places to 49th behind such stellar football nations as Egypt (last made WC in 1990) and Guinea (never made it). BTW the top two ranked African nations (Nigeria and Cameroon) didn't make it to the WC. It's fucked

J.Walshe said...

Look under ELO world rankings, thought to be fairer and Australia is ranked 18th now. The ElO system is different from the FIFA rankings system and many people say it is also more correct.