Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stranded In Subi

Tonight's parenting class at King Eddy's was on breathing techniques and birth positions. Informative, fun, and best of all, it finished early.

Then we got to the train station and discovered that services had been cancelled.

The security guy explained where we had to go to catch the replacement bus back to the city, but he couldn't tell us when it would be due. Depending on which timetable they were using, there would either be one every fifteen minutes, or every hour. Lovely.

But it's a regular bus stand, so there'd be other regular bus services, right?

Nope. Last regular bus left three hours before.

This is Subiaco. There are restaurents and cafes across the road from us still open, but no buses?

They don't need buses here, Skribe says sourly. They have the trains.

So we wait. In the dark. On our feet. Watching taxi after taxi turn up Rokeby in search of fares.

Twenty-five minutes later, we accept that the replacement bus service must be running on the once-every-hour schedule and go catch ourselves a cab, and finally arrive home just before 10pm.

Thanks, Transperth. No warning, no explanation, no workable contingency plan. I'd hate to have been stranded even further from the city.


teddlesruss said...

transperth sux. always.

milchfrommler said...

gah! It does suck. But what sucks even more was that I was in Subi at that exact time and I would have willingly given you a lift back to your place.

ToxicPurity said...

Transperth works just often enough that you get fooled into thinking you can rely on it. Which is very sucky indeed.

misscipher said...

which is why I never go anywhere without my car at night...

skribe said...

You must have a large bathroom =)