Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Service with a 'I don't know'

I notice that Bunnings are running a series of commercials featuring some of their supposed staff telling anecdotes. One in particular caught my attention. In the commercial some old fart tells of how one customer is in the store for three hours supposedly looking for the exit. The staff member laughs as he tells the customer that he won't be showing him where the exit is.

Now I'm guessing that the ad is trying to convey two things: that the Bunnings stores are huge; they're full of interesting stuff. Unfortunately, to me it also reflects something else about Bunnings. The staff are useless.

We have a store near to us and every time I've gone there looking for some help or advice I'm greeted with a shrug and a 'I don't know.' Even something as basic as when the store is due to have a peice of hardware restocked is greeted with the same banal response. Now, I'm not talking about a pair of limited-edition, titanium-encrusted, laser-sharpened secateurs. I'm talking about a normal, everyday rubbish bin.


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Anonymous said...

How true it is and it's only the tip of the iceberg. Bunnings sucks