Sunday, January 01, 2006

What ToxicPurity Is Looking Forward To In 2006

Another year gone, another second older. Huh.

New Year's Resolution: No More NY Resolutions. Apart from To Make It To The End Of The Year With At Least As Many Body Parts, Family Members, And Bank Accounts As Began The New Year With, what else matters?

So to Hell with resolutions. Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which fills up first, as the old saying goes.

Instead, here's my list of what I'm looking forward to in 2006:

  1. January: Australia Day on the 26th, Chinese New Year on the 29th. Mmm... fireworks and firecrackers galore.
  2. March: The Commonwealth Games. Sure, it's like teaching the cat to Sleep! Lick Yourself! Stare With Disdain! on command but there's a certain morbid, stubborn fascination with watching Australian athletes subjugate everybody else in the British ex-Empire. It's nicer than doing it with soldiers, maybe.
  3. March/April: the arrival of Bubzilla, and seeing as how he'll be born in the Year of the Dog, I guess we could be said to be having a puppy after all :)
  4. April: The arrival of Transperth's much-heralded and much-delayed Smartcard. Real soon now, Perth will join the 20th century as far as public transport ticketing systems go. Real soon now.
  5. June-July: World Cup! Yaaaaay!
  6. Forever: No more crappy misbegotten StarWars prequels! Even Bigger Yay!
That's it. The rest of the year might as well be Narnia (or New Zealand, whichever's further), and I just don't think that far ahead on this little sleep. Besides, the possibility is very real that after the advent of Bubzilla, there just won't be time to care about anything else.


The Daily Magnet said...

Ahh - TP, Bubzilla's going to be a dog, fantastic! Dogs are great family members, loyal, intelligent, caring, devoted, talented, full of deep thought and feeling and artistic - well done, you've won the baby mega-draw already! What signs are you and the mad Hungarian born under? Cheers, and best of luck, Liz.

ToxicPurity said...

Thanks, Liz! Although most dogs I know don't seem terribly bright :) Aw, heck, I'll take loyalty and devotion over a smartarse brat any day.

Incidentally, I'm a Rooster, and Skribe's a Monkey, which means I apparently like to tend my plumage a lot while he likes to metaphorically hang around in trees throwing fruit at people for a laugh. According to the horoscopes, we shouldn't get along at all :)