Thursday, January 26, 2006

The UnAustralian Awards 2006

In the great Aussie tradition of taking the piss out the pompous and self-important it is with great pleasure that I present to our readers the First Annual One Dog Said UnAustralian Awards.

UnAustralian of the Year
John Howard - for services against mateship. Nobody stabs a mate in the back quite like our John.

Young UnAustralian of the Year
The Mob - for bringing the nation into disrepute. Morons who riotted in NSW, chanting nationalistic slogans and faux-patrotism. Real Aussies don't have to tell, they show.

Senior UnAustralian of the Year
Alan Jones - for bringing the nation into disrepute. This senior citizen, three days before the riots, whipped up racist hysteria that helped fuel the fire. Please, someone pension him off.

Local Villain of the Year
Access 31 - for failure to support the local community. Not only did they introduce contracts for locally produced programmes that stipulated a 3 year exclusive arrangement, but also allowed them to on-sell the programme, they received for free, for profit. They also showed more German-produced tv than Perth-produced tv.

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