Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Games To Play With the Pre-Baby

After the Boy-Or-Girl Game and the Name Game, I suppose the next most popular guessing game parents-to-be play is What Will Bub Look Like?

This is made doubly entertaining for us considering Bub's blended heritage. With a wog dad and a chink mum, dark hair and eyes are a given, as well as a mediterranean complexion. But will he get Skribe's nose or mine?

Thanks to these scientists, we're fairly certain Bub'll have gooey ear wax though.

Another game I don't like to play is fretting over how big he'll be at birth. First time babies tend to be small. But. Factors in favor of a big boy include a healthy mum who's been eating well and who doesn't smoke or drink or been chunking up on junk food, and was herself a big baby. Uh-oh.

And then there's the game I play every ten to twenty minutes: How Long Can I Hold Out This Time Before I Have To Make A Toilet Run? And the answer is always: Until now.

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