Saturday, February 11, 2006

Preparing For the Puppy

Of all the weekends we pick to move stuff into storage, we had to pick this one - a hot one. And with less than two months to the big event, too :)

Already we've been innundated with all sorts of useful advice - the sort of advice that comes from personal experience. Like puting plastic over the mattress in case my water breaks while I'm in bed.

Or when going into labour, make sure my fingernails have been trimmed, and Dad's not wearing a shirt with buttons (because he'll lose them).

It's going to be messy. Between the afterbirth discharges and the leaky nipples and Bub's experimental bodily functions... Don't bother with nice new clothes for the self or the baby.

Don't bother with brand name baby lotions, creams, cleansers...etc either. You won't need them, and Bub won't like them anyway.

And when Bub's old enough to become mobile, he will get into everything. Worse than a cat, in fact, because the cat does not possess opposable thumbs. You will never be able to put enough safety locks or catches on cupboard doors and power points, for example.

Cheerful stuff, in general. For now, though, our immediate concern is where Bub's going to sleep, and what Bub paraphernalia we're actually going to need to get. We're not even sure we need to get him a cot. Yet.

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