Thursday, February 09, 2006

Smartrider: Dumb Biller

How long does it take to top up your smartrider card with BPay?

THREE days.

That's three days I've been watching the numbers on my card grind down towards zero, as every time I "tag on" the little orange light helpfully lights up to warn me that there will soon not be enough fare money left on the card.

Three bloody days. So much for the digital age.


Anonymous said...

Overnight I could understand (that's when the money-suckers peddle their electronic wares) but 3 days?
They (bank) should get real and "please explain" why it took so bleeding long...
(Another Perthie)

Arthur_Vandelay said...

I had a conversation with a bus driver in Alexander Heights the other day. He's predicting that the Smart-Rider system will be an absolute disaster, owing to the fact that the on-board computers--manufactured by some UK company--are lemons (and indeed proved to be so when they were tried in the UK some years ago).

So expect the implementation date (currently some time in April I think) to be pushed back a few months. Which is good news for me, because Transperth has phased out Concession stickers and UWA doesn't have any left over from last year.

ToxicPurity said...

Spoke with someone in the Transperth office at Perth train station who seemed to think their biggest headache will be the card-readers on buses. The ones installed at train stations are just fine, but the sheer numbers of readers required for the buses...

But, yeah, the software is a definite problem all over with Transpetrh. Anyone try checking their Smartrider account on the website lately? :)

Anonymous said... - After having numerous BAD / Shocking experiences with DUMB-Rider (Transperth SmartRider System) & Transperth Bus and Train system and the lack of concern by Transperth to numrous complaints etc - I have set up this site - hope you guys are able to contribute to it and make it grow.