Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Cheney Headlines Digest

Actual headlines on the Cheney shooting affair, collected on rec.humor.funny:

Shoots, Hides and Leaves
-- Washington Post

Arms-bearing Americans are rarely wrong
-- Telegraph

Guns don't shoot people: Vice Presidents shoot people
-- Capitol Hill Blue

Real Men Don't Hide Behind Scott McClellan
-- The Nation

Shooting pains
-- Globe and Mail, Canada

Pundits Bird-Dog Vice President
-- Detroit News

Hit Me With Your Best (Buck) Shot
-- Houston Chronicle

Cheney Gets His Gun
-- The Nation

Ready, Aim, Misfire
-- San Francisco Chronicle

Orange You Glad Cheney's Not Here?
-- Chicago Tribune

Cheney not licensed to shoot birds (or friends)
-- Australian

Analysis: Cheney's little shot not a big deal among mishaps
-- Buckeye Firearms Association

Cheney Bags a Lawyer
-- The Herald (Scotland)

Cheney can't hide from smoking gun
-- Virginia Pilot

See Dick. Run!
-- The Smoking Gun

Loose Cannon
-- Washington Post

So he shot a man
-- Town Hall, a GOP online blog

Cheney Shoots Quail and Everyone Else Ducks
-- Sydney Morning Herald

1 comment:

skribe said...

I think the most interesting part of this entire incident is how the conservative bloggers have tried to spin it as trivial, it's all the fault of the MSM or at least he didn't kill anyone, unlike Ted Kennedy. Pathetic, really.