Thursday, February 09, 2006

Are You For RU486?

Parliament appears to be devoting more time, passion, and propaganda, on the RU486 debate than they did on IR reforms and anti-terrorism measures combined. Johhny even reckons this rates a conscious vote when just about nothing else did.

So good to know the only way to get our public servants to fight for our rights is when they realise they are themselves directly affected - not just once, but always and ever.

Abortion is not a moral issue, it's a health issue, and there's all there is. If RU486 is safe, then that's all that counts. And let's face it, no drug is absolutely safe - even Panadol has bad effects on some people. You don't see that used as an excuse to bar it from the public.

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Arthur_Vandelay said...

As my old boss once said: "I could come to work wearing a crash-helmet and driving a Sherman tank. But I choose not to. There's risk in life."