Monday, February 20, 2006

10 Signs That You Are Editing A Really Crap TV Show

  1. Nobody knows what the show was about.

  2. The shoot was so traumatic nobody will talk about it, or acknowledge that it ever took place, or admit they were even involved.

  3. In fact, the accidental filming of some dolphins in the river while filming cutaways was the highlight of the entire shoot.

  4. When the tapes go missing, the crew are relieved.

  5. When the tapes are found, the crew are disappointed.

  6. When the tapes are played, it's discovered that one is empty - it wasn't recorded on at all. The crew are relieved.

  7. The producer/director insists that the remaining material will be edited into a show irregardless. The crew are disappointed.

  8. But also relieved it's not their problem anymore. Thanks a lot, guys.

  9. The crew ask for their names, if they must be mentioned at all, to be "creatively" spelled in the credits.

  10. We still don't know what the show's about.


teddlesruss said...

Argh. One such 'event' I was involved in, the producer supplied the wrong chassis to build my POVcams on, adapting it to one machine almost caused the driver to get injured, and despite all that I still wanted (and got) my name in lights as the POV tech. That was a mild disaster, what you have sounds like the Titanic of shows. My sympathies...

On the bright side, you could probably substitute a "Muppet Labs" logo for the edit suite ID and no-one would notice. Just remember to use a pseudonym.

ToxicPurity said...

Thanks, Ted.

I have to say it's not very often a non-fiction show has an almost-completely fictitious credits list :)