Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You Know You're Seriously Sleep-Depped When...

... you can't tell the difference between April and May (re: my earlier post on 01:02:03 04/05/06), and it takes you a couple of days to realise it.

... you catch yourself about to put sugar in the coffee grinder, so in a self-congratulatory glow, you then put the unground coffee beans into your mug, pour freshly boiled water into the empty French press, and then come back five minutes later and think, "That's odd, the coffee's not ready."

... it's too much trouble to decipher the numbers on a digital clock, so you figure out the time by what's on TV (ie. if there're no cooking shows on at all, it's probably lunch time).

... you also use TV to keep track of what day of the week it is (even though you can't keep track of how often Lost, Futurama, and all the CSIs are on).

... you empty the chicken bones and cutlery off your plate into the bin, and then wonder why there seems to be less washing up to do.

... everytime you open a door, you keep bumping against it, because you've forgotten to allow for your pregnancy girth.

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