Saturday, April 08, 2006


Born at precisely 13:50 Saturday 8th April, 2006
Weight: 3.08kg
Length: 50.5cm

JOOB are his initials btw. Actually they're technically JOOWB, but the W is silent =).


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

Ah! CONGRATS on the safe delivery of JOO(w)B!

I hope mother and baby are doing well?

skribe said...

Both are doing exceptionally well. The only real problem we're having is that JOOB is a lazy boy and is more interested in sucking his tongue than his mother's breast. He'll work it out. In the meantime TP is expressing and we're finger feeding him. Given the entire array of problems he could have suffered this one is a mere trifle.

Thanks for your well wishes. I've past them on to both Mum and bub. JOOB says hi, btw =).

notthewest said...

One dog said to the other one, "it's your turn to get up this time". Congratulations you lucky, lucky people@@@!!!

The Daily Magnet said...

He's just breathtaking. Congratulations, the adventure starts with a whirlwind doesn't it?
Please welcome the JOOBmeister for me. bfn & all the best to TP, ab.

skribe said...

Thank you very much.

I'll pass on both your well wishes to JOOB and TP. I daresay JOOB will probably have a witty and urbane reply =).

milchfrommler said...

congrats TP and Skribe!
joob looks so cute - such a distinctive nose!

skribe said...

Thank you.

There's actually some contention over that nose. Is it mine or is it TP's? The family is split =).