Friday, April 07, 2006


You know how it is, you've been working on a project for months and then suddenly - BANG! - the deadline is just around the corner. Well, the project we've been working on for the last forty-one weeks suddenly just got its deadline: Monday at 4pm TP goes into labour. It could happen sooner, apparently there are all sorts of rumblings and stretchings going on as we speak, but come Monday bubs getting kicked outa the house - whether he likes it or not. I just hope we don't have to repeat the process thirty years from now.

UPDATE: We seem to be in the middle of the real thing. Contractions progressing. One every 7-8 minutes so far. Mostly mild (but still uncomfortable) although bub doesn't like them. He's kicking up a storm.

UPDATE 2: Contractions now every 5 minutes or so. Heading to the hospital soon.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I hope everything goes fine for both mother and child and both survive this healthy and fit.

As we say in the Gulf: "Yurba be 'Izkum" which loosely means May God allow the child to grow within your fortune, which is a pretty bad translation, but you know what I mean!

God's speed!

skribe said...

Thanks, mate. When we're in Bahrain you can teach me how to pronounce that =).

milchfrommler said...

and then?!
surely he must be out by now!