Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blooker Winners Announced

A while back, I mentioned here that the self-puplication site Lulu was running a competition for blogs-turned-books called the Blooker Prize (ha ha). Well, the winners for 2006 have been announced. Entries for 2007 will soon be open.

With an increasing number of high-profile blogs finding their way onto bookshelves, are so-called "blooks" the publishing trend of the future? After all, what better way to test-drive a potential book than to publish it on the web first and gauge feedback?

Or maybe, in the case of Lulu, the Blooker Prize is just a clever way to further develop their market. Damn, I'm cynical. Blame it on the hormones: these days I seem to be either crying because I can't get out of bed, or blackly dismissive about the price of bananas and the inconsistencies of Honest John's immigration policies.

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