Monday, November 28, 2005

What I've Learnt About Being Pregnant

Just over halfway now. Actually, closer to two-thirds of the way there. Just when I think I've finally gotten used to being pregnant, I discover my belly button's begun to bottom out and it's freak-out city all over again.

Still prone to tearing up at the least (and oddest) provocation, but fortunately able to keep from free-falling into uncontrollable mood spin. Rationality will prevail, damnit!

Have been advised by my mother not to do any painting, hammering, or other fix-it jobs around the home, for fear of harming or disfiguring the baby. On a similar note, a Hindu friend has recommended I not read the Mahabharata, even though the reading of sacred texts usually promotes positive forces, the Mahabharata is an exception for expectant mothers and their unborn ones. All because of one little story contained within it.

I cannot now make any sort of journey without first knowing where the toilets are.

Must snack. Constantly. And I've just about had it with dried fruit, cheese, and yoghurt bars. I'm not craving anything, but right about now, Belgian chocolate and Chinese salted plums would be a welcome change.

Am finally running out of clothes to cover that so-called "transitional" phase, when you're too big for your regular clothes, but not big enough for full-on maternity wear. Am not looking forward to the next, inevitable, wardrobe change. If you think women's hair-dressers are exorbitantly over-priced, you haven't been in a maternity dress shop. Owch.

And yes, I can finally feel Bubzilla squirming around in there from time to time. Where do they get the idea about "butterflies in the stomach"? It feels more like someone blowing bubbles, or something sucking at the inside wall of your abdomen. It's weird.

Maybe I've had it easy, but this whole pregnancy thing is just wonderfully weird.

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