Wednesday, November 23, 2005

City Spotting

Each sentence below conceals a world capital, spelled out in consecutive letters. How many can you spot?

Example: TV execs announced their September line up. (Berlin, Germany)

  1. Captain Nemo scowled.
  2. It was a doorman I lacked.
  3. We gave the rosebud a pesticide.
  4. Lt. Columbo got all mixed up.
  5. With less violence, the film can be R-rated.
  6. Here is the pheasant I agonised about shooting.
  7. The tarp over our pumpkins has an opening in it.
  8. The Red Cross will call on donors for money.
  9. Don't yank a rabbit by its ears.
  10. Population is swelling to new heights.
  11. You must strip olives of their skin.
  12. Peace activists boycott a war conference.
  13. Would you consider Eric a pet owner?
  14. Kicking stones can hurt your toes.
  15. We returned three bushels in kind.
I particularly like no. 5. Very apt.

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