Friday, November 11, 2005


Number of WA commercial tv stations: 8
Number of WA commercial tv stations broadcasting in digital: 4
Number of fixed line phone carrier networks in Australia: 38
Number of GSM mobile carrier networks: 3
Number of 3G mobile carrier networks: 1
Percentage of Australian population DSL-enabled: 75%
Number of broadband internet services: 2.18 million
Percentage of population that has a mobile phone: 90%
Number of payphones 2003-2004: 64,803
Number of payphones 2004-2005: 61,735
Number of SMSs sent in 2004-2005: 6.74 billion
Total retail revenue for mobiles in 2004-2005: $9.1 billion
Percentage of all spam in Australia originating in Australia: 1%
Actions taken under the Spam Act: 15

-- At A Glance, Australian Communications and Media Authority
- November 2005

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